4 Strategies You've Never Tried to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

4 Strategies You've Never Tried to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

4 Strategies You've Never Tried to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Its that time of year where people are stressed to the max and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

Studies have shown that when you are stressed you make poor decisions around food. This especially applies for those who do not have a solid foundation of healthy habits. 

I've been involved in the health industry for over ten years now and I've heard the same old stuff over and over again and yes it works IF you already have an outstanding mindset about fitness and nutrition and aren't someone who falls off the wagon easily. 

I want to share with you the real reasons behind your lack of motivation or wheel power when it comes to holiday stress and share with you 4 ways to stay fit over the holidays and likely they are ones you haven't really thought about or implemented. 

1. Figure out your WHY...

Specifically for wanting to stay fit or feeling good around this time of year. I know for me it all has to do with my energy and vibration. I HATE feeling like garbage and processed food and sugar does that to me! 

2. Having and creating a strategy around parties.

Do you go into parties like its your last supper? Binging on all the cookies, crackers, and dip like its going out of style? 

3. Making that identity shift.

Until you figure out what type of person you want to become and mirror those habits and traits you will be stuck as the same person for the rest of your life. 

4. Ditch the all or nothing mentality

Just because you over indulged one meal doesn't mean you have to sabotage the rest of your day, week, and heaven forbid the entire month. 

I'm so passionate about all of these topics that I created a ridiculously affordable mini masterclass that includes a 45 minute video diving in deep about the 4 strategies above along with:

  • A macro friendly 5 course menu 
  • Sample meal plans from 1500-2200 calories
  • Worksheet and journal prompts to help you reach your goals

CLICK HERE to get signed up! 

Staying in shape over the holidays doesn't have to be a chore or hard! I promise this class will open your eyes to all of the insight you need to get and stay Forever FIT!

 XOXO- Jodi

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