My health journey

 Hi I'm Jodi!

I'm a proud wife and mother of two little boys. I've been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years. My fitness journey began as a collegiate cheerleader for Weber State University and a professional cheerleader for the Utah Jazz, which helped me understand the importance of proper nutrition and training.

After my cheerleading career I proceeded to get certified as a group fitness instructor and pursued personal training. In 2016 I found my love of Crossfit and Nutrition coaching. I went on to receive my Crossfit level 2 and Precision Nutrition Certificate.

My approach to healing and coaching is from my own humbling experience. I truly understand how it feels to have zero energy, stubborn weight loss, and numerous hormone and gut issues and to top it off autoimmune.

I started to experience health complications after my second son was born. After going through quite a bit of trauma a few years prior, my body could just not keep up. This was extremely frustrating since I was a coach and thought I knew how to be healthy. 

A couple years later and multiple coaches I finally figured out what healing meant for me. And this is the system, the tools, and the pillars I teach from. 

Since going through my own health journey I completed my certification as a functional health coach with one of the top certifications in the nation, Metabolic Mentor University. I expanded my knowledge in helping women understand the bodies functions with hormones, stress, and gut related issues. It's my passion to help others understand the importance of proper nutrition, stress management, mindset, movement, and living a reduced toxic life. 

Join me in living life to it's fullest and stepping into your power. You can to live a Forever Fit Life!  

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